Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome to 42Projects

Welcome to the 42Projects Blog…

"Businesses are human institutions, not plush buildings, bottom lines, strategic analysis, or 5 year plans. They are living organisms. The company's real existence lay in the hearts and minds of its employees. (It) is a corporate culture, cohesion of values, myths, heroes and symbols that mean a great deal to the people who work there.

We need to remember that people make businesses work."

One of the challenges for a lot of organizations is that they don't have this approach to strategy. They don't think about strategy as a numbers game in which the likelihood of generating a rule breaking idea is totally dependent on the number of way-out ideas the company created at the start. In fact, most companies would like to believe that they can avoid the experiments and the semi-failed projects by putting some really smart people in a room and asking them to think really hard. This is just one myth that gets in the way of a company's innovation potential. Breakthrough thinking is everyone's responsibility.

The goal is simple: to mobilize and monetize the imagination of every single employee.